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About Classic Race Replicas

After many years working in the engineering industry, combined with an obsession for motorcycles with an inbuilt need to improve them with modifications, the decision was made and a life-long passion became a mission to create CRR in a bid to save the NS400R!

It was noted that many companies had appeared over the years who were supplying parts for the Yamaha LC’s, the Suzuki RG’s and Kawasaki’s 2 strokes, whereas the Honda NS400R seemed to have fallen to the way-side. This was mainly due to the fact that many a tuner of the day had written the NS400R off, with its lack of cubes and Nikasil plating, as un-tunable compared to the other GP replicas.

Time and re-plating technology has moved on and although Honda discontinued parts for the NS many years ago, including bodywork, engine parts and even basics such as gaskets, CRR has now stepped in to remanufacture parts made either by themselves or other UK companies.

Used parts are constantly being sourced worldwide, with new parts also being developed to ensure the future running of these and other HRC developed machines, soon to include the mighty Honda VF1000R.