About Us

Over the last 40 years of owning most of the popular 2 stroke race replicas, Ian Wright spent most of his spare time modifying the bikes in all aspects; engines, chassis, suspension, wheels and brakes to name a few! He has taken every bike he owned to the limit to find out both how much power the engines can make and how much a modified chassis can take and found that to get an 80’s 2 stroke to work well there is a fine balance between engine power and chassis modifications to get it just right.

Ian Wright launched this site specifically to help the dedicated 2 stroke fan to both make the sourcing of hard to find parts easier, some of which have been discontinued by the manufacturer, and to pass on his knowledge of the best chassis and engine tweaks to suit each model.

Our range of spares and bodywork is being constantly updated and includes parts for the following bikes:

Honda NS400R NC19
Honda NS250R MC11
Suzuki RG500/400
Suzuki RG250 MKI, II & III
Yamaha RD350 YPVS
Yamaha RD350 LC
Yamaha RD250 LC
Yamaha TZR250 2MA