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NS400R Workshop Services

Engine Rebuild Service

We offer anything from simple routine servicing and diagnostics, through to full engine rebuilds or whole bike rebuilds / renovations and Dyno work for the Honda NS400R and NS250R / MC11 models. Please contact us with your requirements for a price.

Engine Rebuilds & Conversions

Honda stopped production of many major parts for the NS400R almost 30 years ago. As most original Honda OEM engine parts are now almost impossible to source, the best option is now to use new quality aftermarket parts, some of which are specially manufactured and exclusive to us.

Most 35 year old bikes will require re-plating of the cylinders, new pistons and the crankshaft rebuilding or replacement. High quality Japanese 57mm piston kits (cast or forged) are now available (56mm for South African model & NS250R, MC11) in the engine parts section, to replace your old worn out pistons.

Here at Classic Race Replicas we have developed 475cc big bore kits for the NS400R and 320cc kits for the NS250R. Your old barrels and heads are required for this conversion or if not available, supplied at extra cost. A deposit of 40% is required, with a lead time of 12 weeks for completion.

As well as big bore kits, we also offer a full range of engine tuning for the NS400R and NS250R in stages 1, 2 and 3. Please contact us with your requirements and more information on tuning and prices.

Other Engine Services & Tuning Parts

Dyno / Carb & Ignition set up

Cylinder & head tuning, stage 1, 2 & 3

Cylinder re-plating & repairs

ATAC valve expander kits, NS400R & NS250R

Gearbox parts & rebuilding

Programmable ignition

Stator re-winds

Crank reconditioning / replacement

Boyesen dual stage fibre reeds

Exhaust end cans & full systems

Alloy radiators & coolant Hose kits

Wide wheel kits, 17 inch front & rear